First Companion

Thanks mom for sharing one of grandpa’s stories with me; that was so neat. So July 2nd was my last day in the MTC! I was so nervous, but excited at the same time to meet my mission president and my new companion. My first area I have been assigned to is Hunter Cooperhill. I love everyone there.  Sister Joseph and I (She’s from New Zealand!) have been teaching a lot inactive family members. Two days ago we taught Natalie Walker, Kathryn Turner, Brother and Sister McDonald, and the Shoesers family. They are all so wonderful I can now understand how a missionary can truly feel the pure love of Christ with everyone they teach. Today I found an awesome scripture, it’s in John 15:16 it made me cry because looking back almost a year ago I would have never thought in a million years that I would go on a mission and now I am here and I love it so much! God has truly blessed me in so many ways that I can’t hardly explain. Pretty cool fact, there are a lot of Polynesian’s in my area! I love Polynesian’s! I love Sister Joseph; she is a wonderful example to me and has so much confidence in herself. I love her beautiful smile, as well. Today on the 4th of July our District went to the park to have a BBQ and one of the Elder’s brought Taro leaves. Wow, they were so good. It’s only my 3 day and I am trying some completely new food.

Also I deactivated my Facebook account (just when I am on my mission) because my mission president wanted me to get a new one as Sister-Caroline Whitney.


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