Mission Age Changed

“As we have prayerfully pondered the age at which young men may begin their missionary service, we have also given consideration to the age at which a young woman might serve. Today I am pleased to announce that able, worthy young women who have the desire to serve may be recommended for missionary service beginning at age 19, instead of age 21.”  ~ President Thomas S. Monson.
I was at a friend’s apartment watching conference in Rexburg; as I listened to President Monson, the Spirit said firmly, “You are going on a mission.” Not knowing what to think about it; I had to make sure that I wasn’t making this up. I knew that if I wasn’t married at age 21 I would be happy to go on a mission—but I was 19 and felt unprepared. So many ideas were flooding my mind, and heart. Do I go now? Later? When? I am just enjoying my first semester at BYU, why now? As I prayerfully considered what to do. My friends and family all had their opinions and just confused me even more. I went and sat on a bench just outside of the temple and prayed on the following Monday. It was a little cloudy, but I felt the warmth of the sun and looked up. The Spirit said, “You will receive your answer as you walk around the temple.” So, anxiously, I walked around the temple and observed my surroundings. I walked around once, and then I saw a group of young missionaries that were taking pictures, so I asked if I could help them. Was this my answer? I told myself that I would be a horrible missionary if this were really the answer. A week later I was praying and pondering earnestly about my options and in my Book of Mormon class the teacher talked about his mission and at times when he had feelings that  he was not a good missionary. He asked himself how he could teach the people.He shared a scripture that helped him: D&C 100:5-8 I felt such great peace when I heard this. Was this my answer? I still felt unsure and that I needed to prepare more. A week or so later, I met up with my mom in Boise. She had a training for her work and invited me for a day or two. As we spent time together we made our way to the Boise Temple Open House. After going through the temple. I felt the spirit so strong and knew that I was supposed to go on a mission, but that I should prepare myself. I finished my semester, and was planning to go to BYUIdaho for Winter Semester and turn in my papers during that time. God had a different plan for me. I was planning on selling my car to provide the money necessary for my mission costs, and my parents accidentally messed up the transmission during Christmas break. Prayerfully we decided it would be best for me to work in Kotzebue Alaska with my father for a little while, because I could earn more money there.


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